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Golden Retriever Magic
You Vs Your Dog Personality Test

This site is about canines (mutt or pedigreed) psychologically healing themselves, other canines, and humans as well as providing humans with a healthy psychological beacon (see Fun Personality Test: You vs. Your Dog.) The dogs I have known, mainly of the golden retriever breed, have all been naturally expert psychology service dogs. They have not needed a Fun Personality Test to know their superior capabilities.
Golden Retriever - Irish Setter Magic
Pol and Tash heal an Irish Setter that they "accidentally" met on a local beach. Were the dogs' (or human) ESP involved in a precognitive dream about this healing meeting? Magical Healing of an Irish Setter.

Golden Retriever Station Wagon Trauma

After breaking a leg in an encounter with a station wagon, my young 10 month old golden retriever, Pol, healed himself from the psychological trauma in a way quite similar to human psychological healing. Trauma Healing

Why are pooches better than women?..... Because the later you arrive home, the happier pooches are to see you.

Why is Fido better than men?..... Because you don't have to hide your IQ from Fido

Wednesday Dog - Tuesday Irish Setter?
The idea of companion service canines (psychology experts all) could be widely extended to include millions of elderly being visited in their homes once or twice a week by neighbors'/relatives' pooches. Why not read about my Tuesday Wednesday Retriever?

All types of dogs can be wonderful service dogs; mutts, pedigreed, hunting, old, puppy, middle-aged, etc.

Fun Personality Quiz: You vs Your Dog
Magical Healing of an Irish Setter
Wednesday Dog - Tuesday Golden Retrievers?
Station Wagon Trauma

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